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Fellowship Group Questions: Philippians 1:1 Part 2

"To all the saints in Christ Jesus who are at Philippi, with the boverseersand cdeacons" Philippians 1:1b 

1. Do you struggle with guilt, because you know others are more mature than you? Are you ever discouraged that others seem to know and love Christ more? What encouragement is it that all who are 'in Christ Jesus' are saints?

What would change in the way you live your life, knowing that being a 'saint' is entirely dependent upon the work of Christ?

2. Have you been putting your confidence 'in the flesh', or in yourself (your goodness, your works, what you have or haven't done)? When someone asks, 'are you a Christian?', what do you first think about to answer that question? Do you think about some measure of your own performance? Or do you think about Christ? Do you sometimes see Christ as an 'addition' to your own goodness? Being 'in Christ' means we put all our confidence in him. What ways do we still subtly put confidence in ourselves?

3. If Christ has made us his own, at the cost of his own life, we should live holy lives in devotion to him. What areas of our lives are not devoted to Christ? What ways can we grow in holiness?