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Fellowship Group Questions: Philippians Introduction

Text: Acts 16:9-34

Memorize: Philippians 3:7-11

1. How was the Philippian church a 'partner in the gospel' to Paul? In what ways did they help the advance of the gospel? Consider the account in Acts 16, as well as the letter to the Philippians. Are you a partner in the gospel? Is the advance of the gospel a priority in your life? What ways can we partner together?

2. According to Paul, what kinds of things threaten the unity of the church? How can we work towards the unity of the church, walking forward in unity of mind and spirit?

3. Knowing Jesus Christ was better than anything in life for Paul. How did we see this practically play out in his life? Can we say that knowing Jesus Christ is our treasure?

4. Who came for you? Who brought the gospel to you?