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Hello Students!

You've just entered or are returning for what will be the most formative years of your life; at least in the sense of the way you view our world. That's a pretty big deal.

Whether you are at Trent University or Sir Sanford Fleming College, this time of your life will have a major impact on the way you think. Hill City Baptist Church in Peterborough sees this as an important reality. So, we are committed to coming alongside students and helping shape their worldview through the lens of the Gospel of Christ. We do this by helping set foundations of biblical truth and fostering growing faith in Christ through discipleship and community.

Our student ministry includes a number of different ways for young adults to connect with the church community, other Christian students, and most importantly God, through the gospel of his Son Jesus. We kick off every fall season with our church-wide retreat; it's a great place to make new friends and get acquainted with the members of our church. On campus this year we will be hosting weekly prayer and bible study.* We hope to provide teaching on a few key topics pertaining to the student life throughout the year. Lastly, we feel that one of the most practical things we can give to students is a free meal, so we offer a monthly student luncheon.

While each one of these is a great way to connect with our church, Student Ministry is not a replacement for the fullness of church life. We encourage students to join the membership of a local church and engage in daily discipleship of the Christian life, Monday through Sunday. Join us Sundays for our weekly gathering of corporate worship, as we praise God for the glorious salvation through Jesus Christ and sit under the instruction of his word.

We are excited for the future of our time spent together during your years at college or university, and for the mission of God's glory in Christ to grow on campus.

In Christ,

Jacob Leeming



* Please check the Calendar for regularly scheduled student events.