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Fasting and Prayer

Every Wednesday

All Day

Category: Event | Coordinator: Meghan Visser

We are living in extraordinary days as a nation and as Christians in Canada. We invite you to join Hill City and hundreds of churches across Canada in committing to fast and pray for our nation and for our leaders. Hill City has set aside Wednesdays as a day every week to dedicate to fasting and prayer. For some people, this has looked like fasting from food, for others is has looked like fasting from technology. For some, this has been an all-day endeavour, for others it looks like an intentional morning. Most importantly, for those who have joined in fasting and prayer, this has looked like using the time usually spent with other activities (such as meals or scrolling social media) to ground ourselves in the Word of God and pray intentionally for our extraordinary needs in these days. 

For suggested verses to be meditating on and for fasting tips, please reach out to